We’re back at Chessington again, which means only one thing! Amazon Update time! More progress is being made on-site rapidly every visit! This time we’ve got some solid foundations in place!

Throughout the area, piling continues. The rebar poles go into the piles and are made up ready to be put in place. Concrete was being actively poured into multiple piles around the site today and more rebar cages are made up in the car park ready to be put into the ground.

Also on site are precast concrete tubes. These tubes are likely to form the sides of the concrete foundations for the coaster’s supports. These will sit around the tops of the piles and support the ride foundations. Exciting progress is certainly being made!

At the bottom of the site, foundations look to be mostly completed for the ride’s main theming feature. The concrete pad and stanchions look to be freshly poured with it slowly setting. The coaster will wrap around this themed feature, so it is likely that this will need to be installed before the coaster track. This will therefore likely rise soon!

Lots of exciting changes happening at the park and progress is clear to see. We can’t wait to see the rides arrive and the track rise! More updates soon!

Categories: Construction