We promised frequent updates, so here we go with another Project Amazon update!

Piling has begun at Chessington. The piling rig has started to put large concrete piles into the ground in preparation for ride footers. The piles are dug many meters into the ground and have the footers and ride foundations sit atop them. They also help to steady the ground surrounding the footer. Which on an uneven plot like this, will help maintain a solid ride foundation.

Some of the previous rebar foundation cages from off-site in the car park have been moved onto the site. These now look to be in position. So it’s likely that concrete pouring in some areas will begin soon. During our visit, we noticed a cement truck at the bottom of the site. So some concrete works appear to already be underway. This is likely just to backfill in one of the already prepared piles.

Although this may not be a super exciting update. It’s becoming clear that steady progress is being made on site. We are hopeful that things are on track. It is hoped that the ride hardware for the coaster and the flat rides will be delivered sometime in November. We will be following closely and cannot wait to see the development finally go vertical once the groundworks are completed.

More updates, as always, coming soon!

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