On May 17th 2021, Chessington World of Adventures carried out a series of public consultations surrounding the construction of a new roller coaster at the resort. The plans outline that they would like to construct a new themed land at the park as part of the development, titled “Project Amazon”. The new land would feature a new headline roller coaster attraction. As well as two other rides to round out this new land, set to be themed to the Amazon.

Chessington Buzz was there at the consultation and here’s what we learned!

New Roller Coaster

Chessington World of Adventures Project Amazon Consultation

The planned new roller coaster is part of a series of investments into the park over the next few years, with other attractions also planned. The new roller coaster is planned to be a 1.4m height restriction ride and when pressed, representatives from the park were not too forthcoming about who was fabricating the ride and how it would work.

The ride will be a form of a shuttle coaster featuring winged trains. This is outlined by both the over-view and the station concept artwork. How the shuttle concept would work in terms of station/trains etc is unknown as again, it’s not something they were able to confirm or talk about.

The plans shown were rough outlines of the final layout and proposals. There are due to be released in July alongside the full planning application. The images shown to us were placeholders with the park currently finalising the layout of the ride. This was also the case for the other two rides for the area. These details will again feature in the full application which is planned to be submitted in July.

About the Consultation

The consultation is all about addressing any concerns from the local residents before the formal application process takes place. From what we gathered from the locals in the room, they seemed fairly content. The park believes there will be no adversely loud noise produced from the ride. Stating that newer rides are quieter due to newer parts and better engineering than those older counterparts in the park. It was also stated that there will be very little visibility of the ride outside of the park. Extra planting is planned to cover those areas where the ride penetrates the surrounding tree heights.

All in all, it all sounded very exciting. A lot of the questions from locals were directed at noise levels, transport concerns etc. A noise survey is currently being conducted and will be included as part of the application. Chessington Buzz will of course be following the project closely! We look forward to seeing the full plans when they’re submitted in July. Watch this space, this could be the beginning of a very exciting project!

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