Here we go again. Just a few days after our last update, we’re back. With the Zoom lens in hand, we’ve got some great photos and were lucky enough to capture one of the park’s new rides, Ostrich Stampede being installed. Without further ado, catch the updates below!


In terms of Mandrill Mayhem coaster track, work is progressing well. More helix sections have now been installed, with the ride wrapping the Jaguar Shrine. In the car park, extra work has been ongoing, with the end track sections now having stoppers and LSM fins installed. This will prevent the train from going off the end of the track. Themed end sections featuring split-apart rails can also be seen awaiting installation.


In terms of landscaping and theming, work is progressing well. More planting has taken place and themed statues are clearly seen within the central hub of the land. Work continues inside the station, with what appears to be Bamboo being planted within the walls. Could this, therefore, grow within the station building and over the roof? We’re not sure – but it’ll be interesting to follow. Elsewhere, a steel-framed building has started to go up next to the station. This is likely the on-ride photo shop from the plans. So things are really taking shape.

Mamba Strike

Over at Mamba Stike, we have more shots of the ride now in place. The entrance framework is up and visible and theming and queue-line installation work has commenced. We’re not sure how the theming here will work, but the snake is set back from the ride, possibly to give some forced perspective. We cannot wait to see how this will look when completed. Visible under the wrappings are what we believe to be over-the-shoulder restraints. They appear to be similar in shape to those on Croc Drop.

Ostrich Stampede

The biggest part of the update today is for sure Ostrich Stampede. The ride has arrived, with carriages featuring over-the-shoulder restraints seen in the storage compound. We were fortunate enough to see the ride’s main hardware being delivered and installed on the site, so enjoy the photos we have of the ride going in.

The eagle-eyed fans may spot a wooden crate in the pictures with SBF spray painted on it. This is confirmation that the ride is constructed by them and confirmed our theory that the ride is a Super Jumper model from them.

Progress is on-going and things are really taking shape. With Christmas coming up soon, construction may be close to wrapping up for the year, but we’ll be back with more updates in the coming weeks!

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