Work continues to take shape on World of Jumanji. New theming has been installed. Track work continues at pace and Ostrich Stampede’s ride hardware is fully installed. Check out the update below!


The World of Jumanji is taking shape. Work continues on the themed station building of Mandrill Mayhem. With wooden cladding visible inside the building and work continuing to fit out the inside. On the front of the station building, themed paintwork can be spotted. Taking the shape of a brick pattern. The rest of the walls remain unpainted and in a shade of pink. So the final design is yet to take shape here, but it’s certainly interesting.

In the centre of the land where the themed game pieces are, pathing is taking shape. The central circle which will form part of the game board is taking shape and is laid out with blockwork.

Elsewhere on site, an upturned lorry has arrived. Flipped over with an opening on one side, we believe this may be a drinks kiosk or coffee shop unit. It looks really nice in its location, but the concrete base sticks out. We’re hoping this will be hidden with pathing and plant and planting to help it blend in.

Mamba Strike

Not a huge amount of progress has been made over at Mamba Strike. The ride photo building for Mandrill Mayhem continues to rise, and fencing for the queue line is taking shape. With the Mamba head set back from the ride, it’ll be interesting to see how this theming will blend in behind the ride, but nothing else has changed around this part of the ride.

Ostrich Stampede

Ostrich Stampede seems to be mostly completed now. The ride arms and vehicles have been bolted together, but the centrepiece remains uninstalled. It’ll be interesting to see how this will blend into the area and the ride as a whole. The gondolas are decorated with feathers and an Ostrich like texture. It’s going to be great to see the ride decorated further with pathing, the queue line and planting in time.

Mandrill Mayhem

More track has gone vertical and the ride is now close to complete. The final sections of the track have been installed onto the helix and the ride has now reached its highest point. The stopper and fins on the top of the spike are there to prevent the train from leaving the end of the track. With the magnetic fins preventing the train from going to the end. The ‘broken rail’ end piece has also been installed making the track look broken.

The final two sections of the track on the downhill section into launch two have also been installed. Meaning the track is complete from the station to the top of the helix. The only section of track needed to be installed now is the reverse spike at the rear of the station. It’s unlikely this will go up soon though, as it’s due to be located where the main access for the World of Jumanji site is located.

Work is progressing well and new things are being installed every time we visit. We’ll be back with another update soon.

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