Here we go, it’s time for another update!

Not a huge amount of progress has been made on the coaster this week, with no more track sections going vertical. Other things have happened though, with a whole load of planting taking shape.

Bamboo and other tropical planting have been arranged and in some places planted, with path layouts now starting to take shape and become more clear. A large swathe of planting is due to arrive as part of the project, with a selection of it being grown off-site. This should really bring the World of Jumanji to life when it opens in 2023.

Elsewhere, work on installing what we believe will be the backdrop facade around Flat Ride B has gone up, alongside the rides operator hut. Work is progressing well around here, with planting and the outlines of pathing also taking shape.

The station building continues to take shape, with insulation going up on the front wall and the steps now in place. Planting is also happening around here, leading us to believe they could be planting vines and other plants over the station. Helping the building to blend in.

The land is really starting to come together now, with all of the track now on site, it’s only a matter of time before the crane comes back and the track flies up. We cannot wait to see more and will be back with more updates soon!

Categories: Construction