It has been seventeen years since Chessington World of Adventures Resort last opened a new roller coaster. In 2004 alongside the Land of the Dragons, the park unveiled Dragon’s Fury. Now, planning permission has been approved for their next big roller coaster attraction. The ride tentatively planned to open in March 2023, will be the first new coaster in nineteen years. Subject to planning, the coaster will also be the first major new coaster to open within the Southern Merlin Theme Parks since the Swarm in 2012. A gap of eleven years.


The plans outline a ride that is expected to be constructed by Swiss roller coaster manufacturer, Bolliger & Mabillard. B&M for short. B&M are well known in the Theme Park Industry for its high end, smooth and reliable rides. They are considered to be the Rolls Royce of roller coasters constructors. This ride however is a marked change for them.

The ride, likely to be a variety on their Wing Coaster model line is a new format for them. Whilst the feature of a launch is not new, the shuttle coaster aspect of the design is something completely unique to this ride. It’ll be the first B&M Shuttle Coaster in the world, as well as their second only in house Launch Coaster. Thought to be part of a new shift in direction from the Swiss company, this ride is certainly different.

B&M has always been considered to be one of the best roller coaster manufacturers in the world. Renowned for their high end, more expensive rides, they’ve broken records the world over, whilst doing it in the safest possible way. With a proven back catalogue of sensational rides, Project Amazon’s coaster project will likely be a fantastic new addition to the park attraction lineup. It’ll also be the sixth B&M in the UK, more than any other country in Europe.


Whilst unconfirmed it is widely believed that the ride will be a Shuttle Wing Coaster. The first of its kind in the world from the Manufacturer. The single train ride will feature six cars. Guests will load two across on each row for a total of 12 passengers per side. Unique to the Wing Coaster, guests load on both the left and right-hand sides of the rails. Therefore the train will seat four guests across six rows for a total of twenty-four guests. The ride is similar in set up to the Swarm at Thorpe Park, Raptor at Gardaland and Flug der Dämonen at Heide Park. All of which were built under Merlin Entertainments at their respective parks.

Ride Layout

The ride layout is unique in that it features a boomerang layout, a first for B&M. We believe the ride will launch backwards from the station into the rides rear spike. This spike is beyond vertical and is similar in shape to that of a vertical loop cut in half. The train will launch up the spike before losing momentum and then driving back forwards down the spike and into the station. The launch in the station will then boost the train forwards into the rest of the layout.

Following the launch out of the station, the trains will navigate a quick turn to the left before entering the first inversion on a roller coaster at Chessington. The Zero-G roll will follow before once again heading to the left, into a quick, low to the ground bend to the right and into the finale. The right rapidly turns up to the left into a sweeping upwards helix. Once again, the train will run out of speed before flying through the circuit backwards, coming to a stop in the station.

What’s Next For Amazon?

Well, following the rather lengthy planning stage, construction is hoped to begin in the next few weeks. Rest assured we will be following it closely. Be sure to keep your eyes on Chessington Buzz and here on Project Amazon, our mini-site. We’ll have all of the latest news, construction updates and so much more to come!

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