World of Jumanji names revealed. That’s right. Today, thanks to the UK’s Trademark office. We now know the names of the three new rides coming to Chessington World of Adventures in 2023.

Mandrill Mayhem

The first of the three new rides is the Wing Coaster, Mandrill Mayhem. Constructed by Swiss Roller Coaster gurus Bolliger & Mabillard, this is a focal point. Wrapping around the World of Jumanji and spiralling around the legendary Jaguar Shrine. The ride is the main attraction of the land.

Set to feature a train that looks like guests are being carried around the World of Jumanji. Guests will ride on both sides of the rails in the arms of a Mandrill. Being catapulted around the area thanks to the ride’s LSM launch system. This is a totally different experience from anything else at Chessington.

Mandril Mayhem Logo

Ostrich Stampede

Next is Ostrich Stampede. This new attraction will allow guests to enter the chase. Throwing guests around in a circle whilst also bouncing them through the air. This new thrilling Super Jumper ride looks set to be a highly themed experience. With guests likely to ride on the back of a variety of different themed carts!

Ostrich Stampede Logo

Mamba Strike

Finally, Mamba Strike. Also set to be constructed by SBF Visa, this ride will send guests soaring. Rapidly accelerating up into the sky and then back down again. Rotating across a tight axis, this ride is akin to Jungle Bus, only faster. Set to be highly themed to a snake, with the snake already in place. This thrilling ride will up the fear factor of the area.

Overall, these names may not be what we expected – but they’ll certainly fit the bill. With the World of Jumanji names revealed now, things are really starting to come together. Work continues at pace on site and we’ve got frequent updates. More coming soon!

Thanks to Parks, Scares & Glitter on Twitter for bringing this to our attention.

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