Construction work continues rapidly over on the site of Project Amazon. Steelwork for the coasters station building and the maintenance shed is now mostly completed. It is expected that some staircases are to be installed in the coaster’s station. Internal walls are set to be installed within the maintenance shed too.

Work has also begun on adding the first layers of concrete to the main themed structure. This work is being done by Koda Creative, the team who did the lower parts of Croc Drop’s building.

Work has also begun towards the top of the site on installing the foundations for Flat Ride A. This round ride can be seen taking shape, but getting photos is quite tricky due to its location on the site.

Work around the site is full speed ahead and we’ll be back with more updates soon!

Please remember, as always, that these photos were taken from publically accessible locations. Please do not attempt to gain access to an active construction site.

Categories: Construction