Once again it is time for another exclusive update. Today, however, big changes are being made on-site at Chessington.

Theming Goes Vertical

That’s right. The huge animal-themed mountain feature has started to go vertical. With structural steelwork rising. The steelwork is built on some of the earlier poured foundations and is located towards the bottom of the site.

When fully erected, this theming feature will be wrapped around by coaster track. It is likely that the park’s creative team are keen to get this feature up and completed before the arrival of the coaster track and supports. This is because access to it with the track in situ would be incredibly difficult.

We don’t currently know what form the themed feature will take, although it is highly believed to be linked to the Jumanji film franchise. The steelwork will likely be covered in mesh and sprayed in concrete to produce the themed feature.

Around the rest of the project site, work on the footers for the coaster continues. With most of the footer casts now believed to be in place. Work will progress on finishing off the footers with the pouring of concrete. The foundation layout for the ride’s station looks to be almost complete, with rebar frames and casings in place, ready for the pouring of concrete.

Elsewhere around the project site, grading on the terrain to get it to the required levels is in progress. Historically a boggy area with a steeply graded hill, the area will be far more shallow when completed. This will involve moving a large amount of earth around the site to improve access for wheelchair and pushchair users.

More updates coming soon!

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