With Chessington opening up to the public in just a few days, it was time to head on over to check out progress on Project Amazon. With the park open for annual pass holders, we made the most of the opportunity!

As you can see from our update, work is progressing well. Digging trenches for what we believe is the base of the Flat Ride B, the Top Dancer ride at the top of the site. Markings remain in place for the rides foundations and work is moving on full steam ahead.

There are lots to do on-site. Moving the ground around, installing cabling, drainage and getting the land to the required heights for pathing. A lot goes into the installation of a new themed land and things are moving in the right direction.

In talks with the park, we discovered that piling for the coaster foundations are due to start in April, and the ride hardware is on order from the manufacturers. We cannot wait to see it all arrive and take shape. See a selection of photos below and we’ll have more updates soon!

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