Here we go with another World of Jumanji construction update. With lots of little things to report on around the site. Now that the park is fully open for the season and access is a little easier, we can expect more updates to come a little bit faster now.

Throughout the land more bits of theming, planting and details are being added. Work on the Food unit is progressing with the internal fit-out looking close to starting. Lots of planting with palms and bamboo being spotted around the area look close to going into the ground. Certainly lots of exciting work on the theming front taking place. A hippo can also be spotted along the path down the side of the area.

Work on the commissioning of Mandrill Mayhem continues, with the ride seen testing various different speeds. The ride was also testing its safety features, with multiple stops on the ride’s midsection launch. The queue line also seems to be taking shape down the bottom of the area, with the vertical posts for the fencing going into place.

Check out the photos below and as always, more updates coming soon!

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