Here we go again with another exclusive Chessington Buzz update!

Work is progressing well on the rebar grid which will form the foundations of the ride station. With the layout of the building now taking shape, we can also see that structural steel has been delivered. Stored in the car park, the steel looks to be the framework for what could be either the station. It is also possible, that this steel frame could be for the coasters maintenance shed.

Around the rest of the site, coaster footers continue to take shape. Work has also progressed well on the installation of foundations for the large themed feature that the ride will wrap around at its end. Footers can also be made out wrapping around this element, giving us a better understanding of where the coaster will sit in the area.

As work continues to take shape. We’ll have more updates coming soon. Please also remember, as always. Chessington Buzz only takes photos from publically accessible places unless stated otherwise. Site safety is paramount during construction and we’ll continue to provide updates. Exciting times ahead!

Categories: Construction