We’re back once again with another huge update!

Following on from the delivery of some of the roller coaster track for The World of Jumanji, we can reveal that more track has been delivered.

With the station track and reverse launch now in place, work has progressed well on covering the ride station, with internal walls taking shape. The staircases are in and theming work is beginning to take shape around the area. Layouts for pathing are beginning to take shape as well as the foundations for the entry portal into the new world.

Elsewhere on site, more track has been delivered and is awaiting being moved into position. The track is expected to be for the turn up to the ride’s Zero-G inversion, with the roll itself being stored in the car park.

The eagle-eyed amongst us will spot some unique details on the track. First of all, the launch track appears to have a section of rail that can be removed. We believe this is so that the train can be removed from the track for maintenance without the need for a transfer track. Another nerdy fact for enthusiasts, the track is labelled as WI-R. This is the project code for coaster manufacturer B&M.

With closed season now upon us, updates may not be as frequent, but we’ll be back with more updates soon!

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