Here we go! Update time! We’re back at Chessington World of Adventures for another update on the construction of the World of Jumanji!

Construction continues at a great pace. Work on the painting and detailing of the Jaguar Shrine is wrapping up now and is close to complete. Once the track is up, it is likely that other details, planting and theming around the base. This will help to detail this impressive themed structure. The themed gem is in place and we’re told it will light up and flash when the ride is completed.

More supports are now vertical for the roller coaster. Supports which hold up the Zero-G Roll look to be completed. With the supports which head down towards the final helix spike starting to rise. It is unlikely that the rest of the supports around the shrine will go up until the track for this area has arrived and is installed.

The supports for the reverse spike near the station are yet to go up. But this is unlikely to go up until the rest of the coaster track has been installed. Access to the site is likely to be in this area. So, it is believed this will be the final area to go vertical.

Work on adding stairs to the station has continued and block work has started to rise. The station building is really starting to take shape and work has continued on installing themed panelling on the exterior. Detailed hand holes can be seen on one side, hinting at some great head choppers for riders. Interestingly, there are 8 hands, confirming that the trains are likely to feature four seats per row.

Work is really ramping up and we’ll be back for more updates soon!

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