That’s right, it’s official. Chessington World of Adventures has been given the green light. Construction can now go ahead, with planning permission now finalised. With the site walls up and work on clearing already underway.

The project, set to include three new rides, including a brand-new roller coaster attraction is planned to open in 2023. The new roller coaster is well needed. It is the first new coaster at the park since Dragon’s Fury in 2004. The ride is a Wing Coaster model, expected to be built by roller coaster manufacturer B&M. Featuring multiple launches and a boomerang layout. The ride is the first of its kind for the manufacturer.

Alongside the new roller coaster, there will be two other rides. One is a Miami type ride and the other is a small children’s carousel type attraction. The area will also feature heavy theming. Including a large themed structure that lays within the layout of the new roller coaster. Other large theming statues and themed pathing and planting complete the area.

Thought to be themed after the Jumanji film series, the new area looks set to be a game-changing addition at Chessington. We’ve set up a Project Amazon mini-site to follow the progress. Be sure to keep an eye on us for all the latest news and updates.

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