In an exciting turn of events, work has commenced on the site of Project Amazon. Contractors have arrived on-site and have begun to construct a wall alongside the perimeter of the area. This construction wall is there to aid with keeping the site safe and prevent unauthorised access to the area.

Construction was set to begin late this season with work likely to take place on the removal of the ‘Backyard Beach’ and ‘Waste Compound’. They’ll later move on to preparing the ground for the ride foundations. As well as installing utilities such as water and power. The Project Amazon site is a challenging location due to the boggy nature and the vast amount of clearing needed. Many trees are due to be removed or relocated and aspects of the area flattened.

Although planning permission is yet to be formally issued to the park. Putting up a wall around the perimeter of the site does not mean that work is beginning on the new land. Construction of a site wall and barriers are allowed. But no other work is due to be undertaken until formal planning is confirmed.

Below we have a selection of photos taken this morning at the park.

We’ll of course be keeping you up to date over the coming weeks and months. It’s an exciting time for Chessington and the team here at Chessington Buzz. We will have updates coming as soon as we have news.

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