In what is one of the most exciting updates, we can confirm that Track has arrived at the Resort! These photos, taken from publically accessible areas, show the bright green track for what we expect is the station and launch track.

Behind the station track, stored in the car park, were other pieces of track covered in tarps. We believe this is an extra launch and station track section. Another smaller piece located behind these appears to be part of the ride’s reverse spike, to the rear of the station.

Another section of the track is already on site. This part we believe is the initial track piece after the station and launch. This part, with a slight slope and partial banking, would turn passengers to the right up into the Zero G-Inversion.

Aside from the supports connected to the ride’s rear spike, we now believe that all of the ride’s main supports are up. As you can see from the below photos, some of the supports are nice and close to where the track passes. We’re expecting some fantastic head-chopper moments on the ride through the supports on the final helix.

Exciting times are ahead, with more track due imminently, we’re excited for the ride to start to rise. More updates coming soon as we follow the construction of The World Of Jumanji!

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