Well, here we are once again with another World of Jumanji update! With just a few weeks to go now until the launch of this new land and opening on May 15th, things are really starting to come together.

Lots of planting, painting, detailing and work is ongoing around the site. The main entrance sign into the area is now up and taking shape, with the remaining parts close to going in. The sign will also feature vines and other plantings nearby to really bring it to life.

Elsewhere, flooring is starting to take shape around the land. With lots of variety in the flooring, what looks to be animal footprints and other details around the area. The ride queue lines look to be completed, with darker-coloured flooring in place for Mandrill Mayhem’s queue line. The flooring around Ostrich Stampede is in place and detail work in the “bazaar” area is coming together.

We’ll stop rambling, so enjoy the photos of the latest work on World of Jumanji. More updates coming soon!

Categories: Construction