As the opening of the World of Jumanji on May 15th draws near, the area is bustling with activity and excitement. The construction crew works tirelessly to put the finishing touches on the area, ensuring that every detail is perfect for the grand opening. Join us for one last time as we publish our last construction update on the World of Jumanji.

Lots of props, signs and details have been installed throughout the land. Work is really coming together now, with a lot of attention to detail. The signs and props, featuring links to the films are really helping to bring the area to life. With more planting and landscaping going on, things are really coming together.

In addition to the visual elements, the audio and sound effects are also being tested to ensure that every experience is fully immersive.

The rides are also being put through their paces, with staff undergoing training to ensure that visitors have an enjoyable experience. Mamba Strike and Ostrich Stampede rides are being tested extensively, with the park’s engineers and technicians ensuring everything is in perfect working order.

With just a few days left until the grand opening, the World of Jumanji is shaping up to be an incredible experience. With new theming, finishing touches, and rides being tested.

For one last time, we’ll let the photos do the talking. With details to spot around every corner. We’ll be at the official launch of the World of Jumanji on May 13th, until then we’d just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s followed and supported our updates. It’s been a pleasure to follow the construction and we look forward to seeing the area, and the park grow. For more details, updates and news, be sure to check out our main website, Chessington Buzz.

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