Here we go again! Update time!

Things are progressing really well now. A large rebar cage has been installed alongside one of the park’s car parking roads. This new rebar cage is thought to be one of the ride’s first footers. This has also seen the relocation of one of the perimeter fences which has been pushed back. There are other cages like this around the site, also likely to be part of the coasters foundations.

One of these such cages has been wrapped in plastic sheeting, likely ahead of concrete being poured into the mould to cast the footer. These are therefore likely to be in their final positions.

Piling work continues and not much has changed on the site of the coaster’s station. Work is progressing well around the site, with things moving rapidly with regard to foundation work. It looks likely that piling may soon be completed in some areas. Once finished, the final footer castings will sit atop the piles. Creating the final foundations for the coaster and other rides in the area.

Work is continuing at a great pace and things are really starting to move along. It may be tricky to follow the progress and work out where things are going, but we’re really starting to see the area take shape. More updates to follow real soon!

Categories: Construction