Welcome back once again for another World of Jumanji update! Work has kicked off again and to make things a little easier, we’ve split it up into three separate areas of interest. Let’s get into it!


With all of the track now on-site, there’s not much to report on this end, but it’s fun to snap more photos for sure! We’ve now spotted the two end sections, which have small stoppers installed to prevent the train from flying off. Another interesting thing to note is that these track sections have plates on them. We believe this is to bolt magnetic fins onto. This would stop the train in the event of it getting anywhere close to the end of the track. The track has been moved around a bit, most likely to get the sections needed on to the site.


On-site things have ramped up. The second launch section has been installed as well as the beginnings of the helix finale. Close-up shots show the LSM fins and the cabling work – wouldn’t want that job for sure!

Interesting to note that the track sections that run down the hill from the Zero-G Roll to the second launch are yet to be installed. We believe this may be for the installation of Flat Ride A. This will likely need to be craned into position and the track may make that harder.


Now for the largest part of the update. A huge amount of progress is being made on the landscaping – or theming – of the area. Large swathes of planting continue, as well as the installation of a large snake head near the site of Flat Ride B. The entrance steelwork for this ride has also gone verticle, with the grey pagoda-esque framework.

The internal fit-out of the station is progressing well, with the operator booth now fleshed out. Also inside, although not easily captured on camera, theming on the walls inside the station has begun. Wooden panelling has been fixed onto the wall by the stairs within the building.

On the floor in the central hub appears to be some wooden cut our lettering. Although it is unclear what this says at this stage. Elsewhere other structures have appeared on site. One near Flat Ride A. It’s unclear what this building is for as it is facing the wrong direction for it to be for the rides operating control room. We believe this may be a food or drink kiosk.

Work is really stepping up on site now and we’ll be back with more updates soon!

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