The Mandrill Mayhem train has arrived and is on track!

There’s quite a lot to talk about this week, apart from the arrival and installation of the Mandrill Mayhem coaster train. We’ll start with that. The 7-car train has been installed and features at least one row facing in reverse during the ride. We believe the ride will operate with 6 cars facing forwards, and one backward. In a similar vein to how Thorpe Park’s, The Swarm ran with two backwards-facing rows.

The train bogeys are painted brown to match the ride supports and are yet to have their themed covers installed. This is unlikely to happen until the ride has been tested and any issues ironed out. Over in the car park, the ride “Test-seat” has been delivered. Allowing guests to check they fit in the train before joining the queue line.

Elsewhere on site, the backflash for Mamba Strike appears to have been installed and shows a sandstone-esque pattern. We’re sure there’s more work to be done here to tie in the snake head. As this currently has exposed steelwork and doesn’t blend in well at all.

The framework for the entrance portal to the World Of Jumanji has gone up and work has begun on pouring concrete pathing around the area. Detailing work appears ongoing within the station and lots of progress is being made all over.

As always, we’ll be back with another update soon.

Categories: Construction