This week is when Project Amazon breaks ground. After months of planning delays, Monday was the day that work on the foundations of the new area commences.

We were fortunate enough to take a trip to the park over the past weekend to take a look at the site of the new 2023 themed land. Below are exclusive photos from on the site of the new land. Looking upwards towards Dragon’s Fury and the rest of the theme park.

Work has begun already on clearing some of the trees away from the site. Setting up the site compound and offices for the construction crews is also complete. The backyard beach is fully dismantled and the waste compound is fully removed. Work began Monday on foundation work. With a boring machine set to dig the piles into the ground for the park’s new roller coaster. The first since Dragon’s Fury in 2004.

Over the coming weeks, work will progress on pouring foundations, installing drainage and preparing the site. With no date as yet confirmed for the arrival of the coaster or other rides to the park. We can however reveal that contracts have been signed. With the ride hardware now ordered from the manufacturers.

Exciting times are ahead and we will of course be back to the park soon. With more updates to follow throughout the project.

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