Construction continues over on the World of Jumanji! The Jaguar Shrine continues to rise and receive its outer details. The team at Koda Creative are continuing their detail work and the figure is starting to really take shape.

Once the initial coating is completed, more layers of concrete go on to give the feature its shape. Details are added via additional layers, paint and suspended theming, which are expected to be vines.

Work is ongoing on the roller coaster station, with the concrete floor on one side now being poured. Externally, some of the initial cladding has gone onto the station building, and work is progressing well on surrounding landscape work. Grading the terrain up to the side of the station building. This will likely be planted to hide the building from the Wild Woods path in the future.

The foundation work on Flat Ride A looks mostly completed now, with what appears to be the layout of the ride’s platform. The pit of the ride will hold the hardware of the ride, with surrounding walls later filled in and pathed to become the loading area for guests.

Work really is coming together on site and we’ll have more updates out soon!

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